Our Vision

A rural centre of creative practice and research, inspired by Sidney Nolan’s talent, innovation and passion for cultural exchange, engaging locally and internationally.

Our Mission

  • to promote an appreciation of Sidney Nolan’s important contribution to modern art, his artistic legacy and his vision for The Rodd;
  • to care for and provide access to the Trust Collection of Nolan works and Nolan Archive;
  • to provide a high quality arts programme through which people can meet, create, share ideas and processes and develop their creative practice;
  • to provide a creative learning programme which delivers opportunities for those, particularly the young and disadvantaged, who would otherwise be unable to engage with the arts and the natural environment;
  • to care for and manage the buildings and land at The Rodd in order to serve and support The Trust’s programmes and activities;
  • to provide opportunities for the public to engage with our programmes and resources, both formally and informally, through events, exhibitions and courses, as well as through digital and online platforms;
  • to work in partnership with a range of organisations and individuals, locally and globally, in order to achieve our aims.


The Rodd is a centre for creative work, exploration, learning and doing. It is a kind of testing ground, it is a place for experiment, it is a place in which things can be tried and things can be discovered.

Mel Gooding