PROCESS II April - May 2017

Words and sentences collected from conversations taken place at The Rodd


“I’ve been following the events of the centenary – and the newspaper articles – I’ve kept a sort of a scrap book.”

“Well that was a surprise!”

I haven’t finished yet – can I stay another day?”

“I wasn’t sure about this workshop, I had my doubts whether it was for me.”

“I’m sorry but the wind and the rain and the dust and the cold and the birds flying around in the barn – it’s just become a bit too much.”

“It’s wonderful, that glimpse of a view up the valley!”

“I have been so immersed that I really couldn’t leave it without coming to some sort of conclusion.”

“We took the clay from the wood and processed it, and moulded and sculpted it but I feel obliged to return it so I’ll do that this morning.” 

“As adults we just don’t get the chance to play – like a three year old – when outcomes don’t matter.”  “Doing it.”  “It feels free.”

“……..right on the boundary between art and science…………a kind of alchemy…..”

"We could call it the Pigment Club." " The Clay Club?" "The Worry Clay?" " Have you been prescribed for that?"

"The millions of years that it has taken to produce that bucket of clay."

"..given the permission to play and experience something new..,,"

" ..accepting the unexpected."

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