Spray paint, pottery and some firsts for a young family

12th April 2017


Babies in arms across fields, talk of ewes and their lambs, riverside walk, black poplars. Handfuls of clay now important momentous,  Tony the potter takes care of our visitors, artists and young people make work on the large scale, young parents care for contented babies -  “our first family day out”. Everyone chats, everyone eats, babies sleep, new mums draw and paint and laugh and joke - and lose themselves for a while. Others allow their artistic talents to shine. New connections made, friendships develop “can we come back soon?”





This visit from St Basils in Kidderminster is part of our developing relationship with the charity whose incredible work with young people helps them out of homelessness and establish independent lives. Our thanks to Russ and Lisa for bringing the young people and their babies and for all their input into the day. We look forward to seeing you again soon. The visit was supported by funding from the Ernest Cook Trust

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