Artists Camps - dreams and definitions


We asked our Manchester artists campers to sum up how they came to view The Rodd after a few days on site.

a cultural hub for art, music and the environment...  a centre for ecologically sound creative practice and collective learning...  the chance encounter with a difference; it is for new experiences, friendships and memories whilst immersed in a natural setting and Sidney Nolan’s legacy....  a place to step away from your normal life to notice the little and great things that are under your nose. Something the best art can do also...  a space where art becomes a place to belong, it forms community, empowering people with an open environment and support....  a site of inspiration reaching far beyond its boundaries....  a magical mixture of nature, art and inspiration. It is also so many other things that cannot be explained with just words....  a bee’s paradise where both artists and ecology can flourish and work in harmony. It is free ranging by nature and way ahead of its time....  a successfully managed site which strikes the difficult balance of providing the right amount of clear information to visitors on arrival, whilst offering a range of spaces and situations compatible with the development of creative work. This is really helpful as it facilitates the understanding of how to use the site and its many attributes, when research residency time is limited to a few days....   a creative retreat, a place for artists to expand their practices....  a place for wandering and thinking through. A  place which encourages space to debate and entangle discussions in the company of others....  Offers an environment that encourages openness, creativity and togetherness....

Image: pixel drawing by Laurie Reynolds