Luxury - Andrew Bracey


Andrew Bracey, artist, curator and lecturer, took part in the 2018 Manchester Artists Camp. His PhD research, ‘Towards Symbiosis: An investigation into the parasite as metaphor for painting practice’ is exploring an expanded notion of appropriation.

A week on from returning from Herefordshire to Lincolnshire and the impact of the residency is still percolating. The word that stands out is ‘luxury’:

Luxury of time,

Luxury of solitude

Luxury of de-clutturing

Luxury of company

Luxury of shared minds

Luxury of not having day-to-day normality

Luxury of painting

Luxury of quiet

Luxury of birdsong

Luxury of genuineness

Luxury of curosity

Luxury of space

Luxury of difference

Luxury of support

Luxury of conversation

Luxury of concentration

Luxury of observation

Luxury of pleasure

Luxury of the rural

Luxury of sound

Luxury of working late

Luxury of not being tired

Luxury of walking

Luxury of not being in work

Luxury of escape

Luxury of somewhere else

Luxury of debate

Luxury of the mealtime

Luxury of waking early

Luxury of marmite

Luxury of fire-time conversation

Luxury of collaboration

Luxury of seeing other points of view and approaches

Luxury of a good time

Luxury of new and old friends

Luxury of me, myself and I

Luxury of non-routine

Luxury of minimal structure

Luxury of a small boundary on movement

Luxury of distraction free

Luxury of focus

Luxury of space and time

Luxury of being able to write freely:

Images of the mind.


The paintings are silently    living their life      here.

Juggling different time periods,        simultaneously.

Paintings are like    a clock,         you see.

Images of the mind.


For this restless      painter,                           time

Works to                                          an




I spent a sleepless night last night. Images of the mind.

Juggles elements of the,

past,                                       present       and,


A desire to have a cushion        of         some neutral ground.


So,        I find myself saying things      I      had







It is like being a boxer,

They can punish you, but


can keep coming



but I suppose the idea      is     you try        and       outlive the punishment.


Images of the mind.



Overnight the tithe barn                           becomes


A painting studio again.


In a constantly changing

retrospective.       A kind of heat haze.


The residual part of my memory.

Light is milky white

Linear impressions and abstracts.


Images of the mind.


Images of the Mind By Andrew Bracey, Written during a residency at the Sidney Nolan Trust 28-29 June 2018 using the words from the documentary ‘Such is Life’ about Sidney Nolan on the occasion of the 70th birthday.

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