Anthony Plant: Earth


Anthony Plant: Earth

Sidney Nolan and Benjamin Britten would often walk without conversation. To be in each other’s presence in the landscape.

Generally when I go for a walk it is with my dog; otherwise alone. I enjoy not having to make conversation. I enjoy being able to stop wherever I wish, look at whatever I wish, and not have to know. Not have to talk about things along the way, to try and engage others in the landscape that I just feel. To be able to walk in this way with others is a luxury.  

By walking as a group it feels like Earth has been borne. It is invigorating. It’s like setting out on a journey of discovery. A journey that will draw in others from all walks of life with a breadth of knowledge and experience. We won’t know this place but we shall understand a little more about it and we shall feel something for it that emerges as our connection to it deepens.  

Earth is a five year project at The Rodd that will develop a connection to this piece of land that otherwise has been achieved through farming. I have always held dear that the most important tool on the farm is the farmer’s boot. Now we shall hand this baton over to the artist and the artist’s boot (or bare foot).