Autumn printmaking


We are two weeks into our Autumn Saturday intaglio printmaking courses in our new garage workshop.

In the first session we were challenged by a day of heavy rain and wind, but we stayed cosy and dry. We learnt about dry point and collagraph, and made marks onto various materials to create a plate which we then inked up and put through the press.

     Inking up

The participants quickly fell under the spell of the whole process, appreciating the potential of plate making using everyday materials and the excitement of lifting the print off the press. They went away to make plates at home on the kitchen table and brought them back for the second workshop to learn about the application of colour.


Discussing Lilly's collagraph plate

The weather was kinder and we got down to some serious experiments on the plates using targeted colour inking, applying chine collé or tissue paper and colour blocking through a jigsaw technique. We sustained ourselves with coffee and cake!

In the next two Saturday workshops a supervised session is offered so participants can move towards getting the image they want through practising inking and using the press. We may even make some Christmas cards!        Jackie Morris, tutor

Lilly's collagraph print with chine colle

Ann's collagraph plate pre-printing

First go at drypoint prints

Tutor Jackie Morris