Babes in Arms


Babies experienced a day at The Rodd in the arms of their mothers.

The feel of a chill wind over vested little bodies and even a splash of rain;

the texture of the Grain Barn’s rough concrete floor under tiny feet;

clay between toes and paint on fingers.

With a mesmerising whirl of paint smiling chatting mums helped their babies to add a splash of colour to their beautiful spin paintings that evolved layer on layer on the potter’s wheel.

Enchanting plaster casts of beautiful little hands and feet were pulled from clay moulds much to the delight of proud mums.

An al fresco lunch and the babies enjoyed their food, exploring the squish of strawberries between their fingers! Mums got to know each other.

Getting close to the animals, mums threw sticks for the sheepdog - babies chuckled at this funny creature as she darted back and forth, and looked on wide-eyed at the horses whilst mums stroked them over the stable door.

The last sunny hour was spent on rugs in the vegetable garden whilst mums dug potatoes and picked courgettes to take home, one said at the excitemnt of unearthing the vegeatables "I want to be a farmer"

With thanks to Tottie Aarvold; and to  Chantell Johnson and Kash Munroe of St Basils

Images: Tottie Aarvold