Collaborative Earth Walks


Day #1 Monday 6th August - with Sally Payen - Walking Into Sunlight.

We walked up through the woodland stopping and sitting to photograph and draw the breaking down hide that reminded Sally of the watchtowers at Greenham Common (painted and reimagined for ‘The Fence and The Shadow’ exhibited at MAC Brimingham).


Back in the Grain Barn, the hide/watchtower became the starting point for Sally’s painting:

 We’d talked about the ways in which paint informs the articulation of place, memory and time, that it allows, playfully, an exploration and creation of relationships and connections (often strange and unplanned) between the past and the present, the imagined and the real.  Discovering that we’re both interested in the spaces between memory and the present, the possibilities for painting to investigate those gaps, and the relationship between abstraction and figuration, we began a Collaborative Painting that brought together some of the forms and interests emerging from the morning.

Developing alongside our individual painting, ‘Grain Walking’ is unfinished but represents a way of working that we found exciting and interesting and hope to continue.

Celia Johnson

Sally Payen