Collaborative Earth Walks


Day #3 Wednesday 8th August - with Jonathan Whitehall - All the Time I’m Thinking of Another Landscape.

‘All the Time I’m Thinking of Another Landscape’   Whitehall-Johnson collaborative response

A poem by Michele Roberts, brought to The Rodd by Jonathan, became the starting point for a discussion about the relationships and connections between myth, landscape, identity and desire, and underpinned our collaboration throughout the day.


Jonathan’s practice considers the problematic relationship of representation to a past event or memory, and reflects upon desire and temporality. Underlying much of his work is a consideration of what constitutes the personal and the political and his practice is informed by psychoanalytical theories of fantasy and subjectivity.

Our shared interest in memory and, especially, the ways in which myth and personal myth making inform identity lead to a conversation with Anthony and Kate in relation to Sidney Nolan’s archive and, in particular, his Greek Myth Series.

Walking and writing in the landscape informed the making of a text and sound piece when we first returned to work in the Grain Barn.  Inspired by both the poem, our own writing about the landscape of The Rodd, and Sidney’s paintings from the Greek Myth series, we playfully appropriated words to rearrange as a starting point for our collaboration.  The title of our collaborative response ‘All the time I’m Thinking of Another Landscape’ is taken from Jonathan’s writing.

Detail from text piece:

Jonathan’s small drawings in relation to thoughts about Theseus and the Minotaur


Celia’s painting (work in progress) about Persephone and the Minotaur:

Celia Johnson

Jonathan Whitehall