Colouring our new website


Colouring our new website

The process of commissioning a new website is a fantastic mental workout – from conception to delivery.

We hope that our website is a true representation of our organisation – up there in the cloud and accessible to all. Along the way there are some important decisions to make, such as ‘what is our colour scheme?’. In fact, we decided to duck that question, in a way – and we went straight to our man for advice – he’s the professional after all…

Last year we were fortunate enough to welcome the leading authority on Nolan’s materials, Dr Paula Dredge, Head of Paintings Conservation at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. Paula cleaned, recorded and photographed almost 1,000 items in Sidney’s Studio here at The Rodd. She also took samples of every colour of Ripolin and spray paint in the studio. She took a set of samples back to Australia with her for future analysis, and left us with a colour chart – a record of every colour that Sidney had to hand in his studio. If you’re visiting do ask to see the chart. We have fun ‘comparing and contrasting’ the chart against the paintings on show to try and work out which colours and combinations he used where.

So we used this fabulous resource to pick our ‘accent’ colours for the new website, and settled on Dahlia (red), Trafalgar (blue) and Avocado (green). The web development team at The Visual Works then had to find the closest ‘web safe’ versions of these colours as possible to ensure that they appear ‘true’ across all devices.  I think they look great and give the website a strong and very distinctive identity. We owed Sidney that!

Amanda Fitzwilliams, PR Manager

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