Eiko Soga: before arrival


Brief Introduction to my current position within my practice.

Since completing my MFA Sculpture in Fine Art at the Slade School, UCL, I have lived and worked with Ainu people in Hokkaido, Japan. This experience has been central to my work for the last two years. I have done fieldwork on Ainu oral tradition by researching the musical instrument, the mukkuri, which is similar to a mouth harp. Since my second trip to Hokkaido in 2016, I have been looking a throughline, from ancient history to the present, of the Ainu social dynamics around salmon fishing and salmon skin crafts. This research allowed me to use my skills in sewing, drawing, photography, object making, language acquisition, oral history, and sound recording. I am now in the process of translating this experience into a gallery show and artist talks for later this year.

Hopes and Intentions for my time at The Rodd.

During my stay at the Sidney Nolan Trust, I am looking forward to the experience of the Rodd: the people, nature, and objects. I hope that this residency can be a time to further develop my interests in and methodology of art-ethnography as practice-based research.