Eiko Soga: Day 12


Eiko Soga: Day 12

(am I making sense!?)

Sunny - Clear night with new kind of smell - Misty morning on the 8th

I thought I became familiar with the Rodd’s woodland. But the scenery changed so much over a night. I got lost for a short while.

My audio recorder’s 'pre-recording' mode amplifies the sound around myself. I wore a headphone with pre-recording mode on while I walked. I didn’t press a ‘record’ button.

I’ve been setting up a night camera in the woods and by the river every night to film animals. I haven’t been fare to the animals filming them secretly. I let the camera capture myself, but it was so fake.

I saw a shiny puddle shaped in a foot step. I thought about how I used to think about the friendships at the Slade was like the Milky Way in a puddle.