Filming Shaun Gladwell in his studio


Filming Shaun Gladwell in his studio

A new TV documentary film on Nolan will be hitting our screens later this year, produced by Flaming Star Films for the BBC in the UK and ABC in Australia. The production crew have been in the UK for the last week filming interviews with a number of key individuals from the Nolan story.

On Thursday I went along to a shoot at the Camberwell studio of Shaun Gladwell. Australian-born, Shaun now works almost exclusively with Virtual Reality, having previously made iconic video works such as ‘Storm Sequence’ and ‘Approach to Mundi Mundi’ which opened the Royal Academy’s 2012 Australia exhibition in London.

In 2016 Shaun undertook a residency with us and in 2017 he contributed an essay to our ‘Transferences’ catalogue that examined Nolan’s experiments 30 years previously with the Quantel Paintbox – a brand new video graphics system. The BBC made a series of documentaries in 1987 featuring Nolan, Hockney, Hodgkin and others encountering digital art for the first time.

As Shaun wrote in his essay (co-authored with Dr Bill Schaffer): “his Paintbox images are extraordinarily provocative and confrontational. They remix elements of Nolan’s own work…including bits and pieces of Kelly, with magazine-style photographs of Australian beach scenes…to provoke uncomfortable questions about belonging and not-belonging in the Australian context…”

Read Shaun’s contribution to our #Nolan 100 project here.

Read Joe Studholme’s memories of the Quantel Paintbox episode here.

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