Ikon Youth Programme 'Looping the Loop'


Ikon Youth Programme 'Looping the Loop'

This image was made by one of the participants of the Ikon Youth Programme who came to The Rodd to attend a one day spray paint workshop with Dan 'Newso' Lickiss.

Dan taught the art of spray painting, with reference to Sidney Nolan's techniques and art that the group had observed in the Nolan exhibition at Ikon and here at Sidney's studio.  This one day workshop was part of a larger summer arts programme called 'Looping the Loop', run collaboratively by Ikon and Sidney Nolan Trust with funding from Arts Connect Partnership Investment Fund. 

Eight young people from Ikon Youth Programme attended the workshop. Alongside spray painting techniques they felt they had learnt other things such as an "interest in the lives and careers of established artists; perseverence when challenged; not being afraid to try things out of a comfort zone; more about thought processes when met with challenges; and how to be expressive.” 

Creatively, they expressed gains such as learning how to create patterns with cloth like Sidney Nolan used to do, being free with paint and not worrying so much about accuracy, perseverance and using stencils and painting on a large canvas.