Introduction to Lithography:Blog


Introduction to Lithography:Blog

Today we welcomed a group of artists who had the opportunity to learn the process of Lithography - a beautiful printmaking technique which dates back as far as the 18th Century.

Despite this being an introductory workshop, after spending some time with Gini, artists were able to achieve some beautiful results. We hope everyone has left feeling inspired and motivated to continue to explore this fascinating process further.

Gini Wade studied printmaking and graphic design at the Central School of Arts & Crafts (now Central St Martins) and worked as an illustrator and childrens’ book author for many years.  She was a post-graduate student at the University of Aberystwyth from 2007 -10 and was awarded an MA in Fine Art, with distinction.  She specialised in lithography with Paul Croft RE.
She is based in mid Wales where she makes prints.  After working to illustration briefs for so many years, she enjoys the freedom to choose her own subject matter. Her work draws on myths and dreams, with a dash of the dark side.  She is also a DJ, and dance and celebrations inform many of her images. She also makes animations.

Details of Gini's next workshop can be found by clicking here