Masakatu Kondo


Masakatu Kondo

WONDERS AROUND RODD - Life and emotion


The visit was a great chance to come out from my studio and walk freely around the farmland and mountain hills and riversides. These points of natural landscape are often the subject of my painting. But this time I submitted to the wonders around and immersed myself within. I heard the sound of the mountains, I looked at the flow of the river, I saw domestic animals and staring at each other, still moments of encountering deer’s, the smell of flowers, reconfirmation of the colours of the sky, grass, soil, forest, moss, etc. All I felt was the moment as my reality and the joy. This fundamental experience I established the importance of all those feeling being apart of my work. 

Open blue sky

Balance of nature

Eyes of young cows

Detail and quality

Sound and motion

Colour and smell