Open Air Schooling


Drawing from nature: St Mary’s School En Plein Air

The nature club from St Mary’s Primary in Bucknell spent a morning ‘looking’.

With inspiring guidance from Charlie Kimberley – our resident volunteer and experienced art teacher – the children and teachers loved the morning's drawing ‘challenges’ in the calm and quiet beauty of Rodd Wood. Charlie encouraged everyone to really look at what they were drawing - not draw what they thought they saw. And the outcome - many beautiful drawings.

School staff said "The children were taught new skills, the woodland and gallery were inspiring amd the children had the opportunity to meet a local artist".

One of the pupils brought thier parents back to visit the woodland as a result of their workshop " I've already done more drawing since the visit".

"I like how we learnt to draw without looking at the paper".

The children were a joy to spend time with – thanks to them for their enthusiasm and to the staff at St Marys making the trip possible.