Outdoor rooms


Outdoor rooms

TESS E. MCKENZIE - OUTDOOR ROOMS From the second floor of the farmhouse, I hear a sneeze emitting from under the floorboards.

The geese start honking and calling out to one another, perhaps in some sort of territorial disagreement.

And then another sneeze.

I keep writing poetry about sneezes and I'm not sure why.

 Over the past days at Rodd Farm, I have spent most of my time collecting footage and imagery of the landscape, and more significantly of my body in front of the land. I've been using the varied vegetation on the farm, its crops and the distant horizon like a set - a venue for movements performed in front of these flattened backdrop images. Perhaps that makes what I am producing painting, but I'll work that out later.

I've been making artwork for the past 11 years, but prior to that I attempted to become a set and costume designer, before giving in and studying Sculpture. I also danced in my youth. Over the past two years, I've been picking up a camera and recording choreographed movement in front of a lens. Over the week I suppose that I've been designing sets or outdoor rooms in which my feet, hands and sometimes my whole body becomes an ever-present performer.

The image below is from a short film shot in the woods on Rodd Farm. The protagonist is my finger; acting as a shaft of light, pink monolith, an out of focus spectre, a distant memory from the Cottingley Fairy photographs….

Below is an image from another film I have made while at The Rodd.