Artist Halina Dominska chose to revisit the idea of Sidney Nolan's Snake mural.

On her recent residency at The Rodd, artist Halina Dominska chose to revisit the idea of Sidney Nolan's Snake mural. This was part of Sidney's Oceania group of works which also included Shark and Paradise Garden. Snake was created over 1970-72 and is comprised of 1620 paintings divided into 270 panels of 6 paintings. The complete work measures 9.14  x 45.72 metres. The materials used are mixed media on paper. Most the original pictures that make up the mural are flowers or human heads but are also reminiscent of animal life. Snake can now be seen at MONA Gallery in Hobart, Tasmania. The ambition of the MONA building matches that of Sidney's mural so it is well placed. Mary Nolan said the original title of the mural was The Rainbow Serpent.

materials used for the artwork

detail of the artwork

Halina fashioned small scales out of bark she had gathered and then combined them with a favourite material of hers, which is latex. She had noticed the agricultural netting hanging all around the grain barn. Certainly her final netted snake which she hung in the barn echoes this. Suddenly I find I am aware of all the curves in the architecture of the barn whereas before it just felt linear. Halina reveals a softer side and dimension to the space of the barn.

snake - art installation

artwork resembling Sidney Nolans