The Colliers


The Colliers

On a recent h.Art residency, artist Halina Dominska discovered a Herefordshire Archaelogical Report about Rodd Wood.

This survey, made in conjunction with the Forestry Commission recorded fourteen sites of charcoal burning platforms and three sites of saw pits within Rodd Wood. She shared this with another on site artist Lotte Scott, pictured above. Lotte had planned to use her h.Art residency to make charcoal at The Rodd. She dug a fire pit and experimented with different containers to make two batches of charcoal. Her results were impressive, shown below. Lotte will hopefully be coming back to explore this relationship between the Colliers (as Charcoal burner folk were originally known) and Rodd Wood further. This would appeal to Sir Sidney Nolan who was interested in the human occupation of the land and preserving the way it had been managed over the centuries.


At the end of her residency, Lotte returned charcoal back to the wood, scattering it around the base of this tree.