Walking on the wild side


Walking on the wild side

We've been working through the winter and spring to carve a new footpath through our wild and beautiful ancient woodland at The Rodd.

Rodd Wood has been managed by humans for centuries, by coppicing and charcoal burning. Since it came into the our ownership we have continued to manage it with a 'light touch' using horses to extract timber and ensuring that selected areas are left undisturbed for periods to encourage the widest variety of flora and fauna. So it has been quite a task to create a new path around and across the wood - but it is (just about) complete. We are hugely grateful to Charlie Kimberley for the hard graft, and for her beautifully illustrated map.

Now we need walkers to frequent the path so that it remains open. This limited human intervention will also help us control the burgeoning deer and squirrel populations by gently disrupting their habits. Parts of the path will probably always be muddy, and other parts involve a steep climb - so this is a woodland walk for the adventurous! From the Trust car park, allow a minimum of 90 minutes to complete one of the shorter circuits. We do ask walkers to stay on the marked path and to keep all dogs on a lead. Parking and walking are FREE. A copy of our lovely map is £1. We'll bring more news on what to see in the wood over coming weeks.


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