Sidney Nolan - Quantel Paintbox

In the mid-1980s Nolan, fearless as he was in adopting new materials and techniques, began working with the Quantel Paintbox, a custom graphics system designed for TV production. The Paintbox was comparable to a very early version of Photoshop and allowed artists, for the first time, to digitally edit and manipulate images. As part of the 1986 BBC Two television series Painting with Light, Nolan along with artists including David Hockey and Richard Hamilton created new artwork.

In this, our inaugural Nolan exhibition of 2020, we are delighted to draw out multiple examples of works Nolan created using the Paintbox. Nolan was visibly excited by the prospect of this new technology and the opportunities it presented to take existing works and quickly and easily cut, copy and paste – tools we now consider basic and use every day. Nolan chose to juxtapose his work with contemporary images from popular culture, creating montages that remain fresh to this day. The exhibition includes many original works as well as artwork recently created through our school's project Painting with Light.

Opening Weekend Event

2pm, Saturday 4 April

As part of our 2020 opening weekend artists Alison Grant and Fiona Sampson will give a short talk about their collaborative exhibition Stone Moon, whilst Prof. David Ferry will give a short talk about Sidney Nolan's work with the Quantel Paintbox. Talks are free with entry ticket.  

Sidney Nolan - Quantel Paintbox

Sidney Nolan - Quantel Paintbox

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