Our collection consists of more than 2,500 artworks created during Sidney Nolan’s lifetime. Together the works form one of the largest collections of Nolan’s artwork anywhere in the world and present a unique opportunity to learn about his life and work.

The collection spans six decades and includes some of Nolan’s best-known works including Australian landscapes, works from Antarctica, and Africa. It is particularly rich with works from later periods of his career including print and graphics works from the 1980s and abstract spray paintings created at The Rodd.


The Sidney Nolan Trust owns the copyright on the majority of Nolan's artworks. For copyright enquiries please contact DACS copyright agency. All income from copyright directly supports the creative activities of the Trust and furthers Nolan's vision for The Rodd as a centre for the arts.

  • Head (Gallipoli) (1959)
    Head (Gallipoli) (1959)
  • Oak Tree (c. 1983)
    Oak Tree (c. 1983)
  • Spitzbergen (1984)
    Spitzbergen (1984)
  • Myself (1988)
    Myself (1988)
  • Gum Trees (c. 1983)
    Gum Trees (c. 1983)
  • Thames (1962)
    Thames (1962)
  • Bather in a Lily Pool (1957)
    Bather in a Lily Pool (1957)
  • Australian Landscape (1988)
    Australian Landscape (1988)
  • Self Portrait (1986)
    Self Portrait (1986)
  • Moon Garden (1977)
    Moon Garden (1977)
  • Aboriginal Girl (1986)
    Aboriginal Girl (1986)
  • Chinese Landscape (1982)
    Chinese Landscape (1982)