Ingrid Pumayalla

21 - 30 September, The Rodd & Bleddfa

Ingrid Pumayalla is in residence as one of the artists exhibiting her work as part of the exhibition Plant Communitas, curated by Patricia Brien (3 August - 30 September, 2023, The Rodd).

Ingrid Pumayalla's practice approaches identity and loss as a subjects to reflect on migration as a global phenomenon. Using photography, video and performance her work focuses on the fragility of identity and memory as consequences of displacement.

Ingrid is staying and working at the Bleddfa Centre, with which the Sidney Nolan Trust merged earlier this year.

“During the residency, I am exploring these new surroundings and responding through a series of images and video performances informed by local stories and memories. The Bleddfa Centre was founded to connect spirituality and arts, at the moment I am currently creating an Icaro (chanting healing song) to narrate a myth of a creature that has been displaced from the Amazon and is currently seeking a home, narrating the story of where she comes from and the memories of the land that she belongs to. I am using wool, knitting, and rituals to incorporate into the performances on the sites. Bleddfa has become the "cartref" (home) for the creature to have shelter until she continues her journey.”


Photography, poetry and performance created during the residency.

  • Bleddfa

  • Fifth Stone

Fifth Stone

So, am I the fifth Stone? I wonder?
I ask the wind; then will I be the fifth Stone in this perpetual circle?

As I knit this blue thread
The grey sky moves away
And the light starts to enter this circle that resists and remains.

So then, am I the fifth stone, while I knit this blue thread that connects me to this green field?

The red Kite greets me from the sky, it comes down and flies above this four-stone circle.
So, am I the fifth stone? I ask.
The wind blows the grey stormy sky away.
It lets a small trace of light enter.
This raises my spirit, breaks down my vulnerability,
Strips away my fears and takes my questions up to the skies.

Will I be the fifth stone then? I wonder on this solemn and mellow afternoon.
The sky responds in its permanent way:
I am the fifth stone, the one that travels, transforms, and becomes a matter of everything.

So, could I be the fifth stone? I ask.
The wind replies to me, blowing the storm away.
Blowing the grey skies away.

The red kite flies above me and above this four-stone circle, over
its prehistoric landscape
that remains a witness to our own decadence

So, am I the fifth stone, I wonder, on this walk, this Thursday afternoon?

I am the grey that torments me, and the warmth lights that accompany me.

So, I have asked am I the fifth stone?

I am the one that travels, transforms, and becomes today this blue thread that connects the sky, and this green, green land.

  • Drawing in the forest

  • Drawing in the forest