The Rodd: Its Architecture, People, and Landscape


The Rodd: Its Architecture, People, and Landscape. An exhibition in the former home of Sir Sidney and Lady Nolan.  Visitors will, for the first time, be allowed access to the ground floor rooms of the Jacobean manor house, Rodd Court.


“Such is Life”: Sidney Nolan and the Kelly myth


Ned Kelly:  Nolan was told stories of the Police’s struggle to capture Ned Kelly and his gang in the bush in Victoria by his grandfather who was a policeman involved in the search. These exciting tales triggered Nolan’s imagination and began a lifelong fascination with Kelly.  Prints in this exhibition will show how, for Nolan,  Kelly became a symbol of universal man and his depiction changed repeatedly and included versions of him as an outlaw to a Christ-like figure of universal suffering.  Visitors will also see how Nolan even painted his self-portrait with Kelly’s helmet over his face!

Border Country


Border Country is an exhibition by a selection of artists whose work has been inspired by the unique landscape of the English Welsh border region. Works include direct representations of the landscape while others are an emotional expression of what the landscape means to them. Our gallery is situated on the Rodd Estate. Visitors will also have the opportunity to view an exhibition within Rodd Court, Nolan’s former home, and view his studio, as left at his death in 1992. Visitors may also wander our gardens and grounds and for the more adventurous, take a walk through our ancient woodland. Border Country:  How the landscape has inspired a new generation of outstanding contemporary artists living on the English Welsh border.

Artists include Tony Hall, Lois Hopwood, Beth Fletcher, Ciara Lewis, and Daniel Crawshaw. All pieces for sale.

Sidney Nolan's Studio

Housed in a 17th-century barn, this is Nolan’s last studio and the only one to remain in situ.

It contains well over 1,000 items. Cans of his favourite spray paints, stocks of dry pigment to be mixed with the ‘new’ white glue, PVA, alkyd gel medium and tins of household enamel, a material Nolan used throughout his career, still line the studio shelves. The flat bench that he worked from is covered in paint brushes, spatulas and paint tins as if poised for another painting session. Brushes, squeegees, rags, crates, books, toy boats and planes and piles of vinyl LPs fill spaces on or under tables and shelves.

The Studio, with paintings from the Trust’s Nolan collection and notebooks, catalogues and personal objects from our archive showing in the adjacent Gallery, offers visitors a privileged insight into the life and work of this visionary artist.

We are proud to be members of the Artist's Studio Museum Network - a Europe-wide group created to broaden awareness of these charismatic spaces that have given birth to the world's greatest art. artiststudiomuseum.org