Sidney Nolan - Auschwitz

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. To mark this occasion the Trust presents an exhibition of previously unseen artwork that the eminent artist Nolan created in response to Auschwitz and the holocaust. The work brings to the fore a history that is vital we do not forget and does so at a time of further division in political, societal and international relations. For these reasons, we believe it is of significant relevance to a contemporary audience.

During the winter of 1961/62, Nolan created a considerable number of paintings in response to the human atrocities that had taken place less than 20 years previous. In typical Nolan fashion, he painted with great intensity, his style allowing him to quickly generate works on paper. The abstract works graphically depict some of the horrors of the camps and include haunting portraits of prisoners.

The exhibition will bring together original artworks including a later body of work titled Children’s Crusade made in collaboration with Benjamin Britten’s choral work of the same name as well as photographs Nolan made during a visit to the camp.

The exhibtion is kindly supported by The Elephant Trust and Britten-Pears Foundation 

Sidney Nolan - Auschwitz

Sidney Nolan - Auschwitz

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