Wilderness Art Collective - Landlines

What is the role of the contemporary artist in thinking about landscape and the environment in the early 21st century?

Landlines explores this question, showcasing artists working in or with the landscape. Using a range of media, they hold the common goal of sharing their fascination with the environment. The exhibition is presented across The Rodd estate and encourages visitors to explore the artwork in the context of this unique place.  

As part of the Wilderness Art Collective, all the artists are committed to making work that celebrates the best aspects of our planet whilst offering insights into the challenges we face today through mass consumption, urban expansion and climate change. As artists, they share messages of positivity and simultaneously question the choices we are making as global citizens and guardians. Working in a range of media that reflects the debate around representation vs expression, the artists engage in all manner of practices. These include long-distance walks; collecting pigments from remote places on the planet; epic cycle rides across entire countries; or, dangerous swims in British winter seas. Through their artworks, Landlines explores the outer limits of what it means to be working with the landscape as an artist today.

Wilderness Art Collective - Landlines

Wilderness Art Collective - Landlines

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