Tim Maguire in Residence

Tim Maguire joins the Trust as 2020 International Artist in Residence. Tim will spend a month at The Rodd during August and September. Here he explains his work and what he hopes to achieve.

“My practice, while also involving photography, and video, is primarily one of painting and print-making. The two mediums for me are interdependent.

Most recently I have been pursuing the random through a series of digital prints, made from a core group of 6 simple source drawings which are rotated and inverted as determined by the throw of dice. These are digitally converted to the pure primary colour, which is combined and then printed at various sizes. These simple manipulations of six initial drawings generate 13822 possible variations, of which I have selected and printed a few. These “Dice Abstracts” have been shown recently in a large survey of my work at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery in New South Wales and at Tolarno Galleries in Melbourne.

Prior to The Rodd residency, I will be undertaking a 3-week residency at the Australian Print Workshop, where we will produce a series of etchings, based on the Dice Abstracts idea, as part of their 2019-20 Artist’s Fellowship program.

The next step is to make some of these Dice abstracts as paintings, using the same process of source imagery and dice combinations, but building up the layers of primary colour in spray paint on canvas, using stencils. Given Nolan’s extensive use of spray painting towards the end of his career, The Rodd seems a very appropriate place for such a project.

My interest in Nolan goes back many years. In the mid-eighties, as a young Australian artist, I was very interested in the historical depiction of the Australian landscape, and what that said about the nation’s sense of cultural identity. Nolan was a key subject of interest and influence in my early works, where I consciously adopted some of his subject matter, techniques and materials - enamel paints, hardboard, and spray paint. The imagery in new Dice Abstracts harks back to some of these early works of mine - minimalist landscapes, horizons, voids and shimmering light.

I first visited The Rodd in 2016 with Jonathan Watkins, Director of Ikon Gallery when he was curating an exhibition of Nolan portraits at Ikon for the Nolan Centenary and I look forward to returning and to perhaps throwing further light on Nolan’s processes."

Tim Maguire in Residence

Tim Maguire in Residence

The Rodd