Collaborative Earth Walks


Day #2 Tuesday 7th August - with Jenny Cashmore - Degrees of Separation.

It was wonderful to work with Jenny Cashmore again - we’ve collaborated before, as Cashmore&Johnson, but haven’t worked together for almost two years.  Both our practices explore place and its relationship with people and identity so there are significant areas of mutual interest that we could explore at The Rodd.

Jenny’s current work explores thresholds and ideas about inside and outside, mine is increasingly concerned with memory and dislocation. I’m interested in the places and objects that navigate between the present and the past and which tell stories about both, and about the spaces inbetween.

 We both use walking and the body/movement to investigate and articulate our experience of place so we walked consciously to find ways to explore the landscape of The Rodd that were underpinned by our own relationship and ways of working together. Ideas about our recent separation and experiences of loss and change, as well as a shared love of the absurd, informed our work.

Video Still from ‘Walking Back Again’:

Video Stills from ‘Acts of Coming and Going’:

From ‘Stills of Separation’:

Celia Johnson