WHAT'S ON 2023

Exhibitions, workshops and events this season

  • Learning | Workshops for young people
    MAKE is a weekly arts and creative club for young people aged 10 - 14. Mondays (Term-time) 3.30 pm - 5 pm, Youth Centre, Presteigne

    Autumn term dates:
    Monday 6 Nov - Monday 11 December

    Spring term dates:
    Monday 15 January - Monday 5 February
    Half Term
    Monday 19 February - Monday 18 March

    Arrive from 3.30 pm (drinks and snacks available)
    Make from 4.00 to 5.00 pm

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  • Learning | Workshops for young people
    Cultivate is our creative programme for 15 - 25 year olds.

    Forthcoming Cultivate dates
    Saturday 9 December, 10am - 2pm - Sidney Nolan Trust

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  • Learning | Workshops for adults
    Dates for the New Year coming soon
    £25 including lunch and materials

    Abet is a new art group for adults. Inspired by the success of our Cultivate programme, Abet is a new contemporary art group for creative beginners through to practicing artists and creatives 25+. Abet offers a space for those with an interest in the arts, to come together with others to develop their creative thinking and making skills through discussion, research, and experimentation.



Select projects from our 2023 programme

  • Ingrid Pumayalla

    Residency |
    Ingrid Pumayalla
    21 - 30 September 2023

    Ingrid's practice approaches identity and loss as subjects to reflect on migration as a global phenomenon. Ingrid's residency is in tandem with the exhibition Plant Communitas.

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  • Plant Communitas

    Exhibition | Gallery
    Plant Communitas
    Curated by Patricia Brien
    3 August – 30 September

    The Plant Communitas exhibition features a community of artists from diverse practices and places. The artists work locally, nationally, and internationally and are united by their interests in human-plant relations.

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  • Earth Photo 2023

    Exhibition | Outdoors
    Earth Photo 2023
    13 July - 30 September

    Earth Photo explores images and short films that focus on the pressing issues affecting our planet to stimulate conversations about our environment and the impact of climate change. The shortlisted entries and prize-winners are presented at large-scale outdoors.

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  • Exhibition | Rodd Court
    Rick Greswell
    Silent Spring
    22 June - 29 July 2023

    Inspired by the seminal environmental work of Rachel Carson in 1962, the artwork highlights the rapid decline and threat to British breeding birds by reference to their songs, which are rapidly disappearing from our countryside.

  • Dean Cross

    Exhibition | Gallery
    Dean Cross
    25 May – 29 July

    SOMETIMES I MISS THE APPLAUSE positions a new Nolan for the 21st century. Informed by his work for the Royal Ballet and originally commissioned by the Heide Museum, Nolan's spiritual home, this exhibition looks at art and life in a post-Nolan Australia.

  • Sidney Nolan

    Exhibition | Rodd Court
    Sidney Nolan Revealed
    22 June - 30 September

    Sidney Nolan’s former home, 17th Century Rodd Court, will be used to present new and evolving interpretations of the artist’s life and work. A series of new displays reveal the concept of Process as central to Nolan’s artwork and expose new artworks and artefacts from the Trust’s collection and archive.

  • Jony Easterby & Pippa Taylo - In Praise of Shadows

    Exhibition | Rodd Court
    Jony Easterby & Pippa Taylor
    In Praise of Shadows
    30 March - 17 June

    In culmination of their year with the Trust, 2022 Resident Artists present an exhibition exploring patterns of shadows, light and the darkness formed by the interplay of plants and light, drawing on the influence of Sidney Nolan’s epic Paradise Garden artworks.

  • Jony Easterby

    Installation | Outdoors
    Jony Easterby
    Dead Standing

    As fire passes through landscape, we witness loss and destruction and the remains of a sublime beauty inherent in its force. Dead Standing is a new dry garden installation drawing on Australian bushfire narratives, drought resistant planting and the processes of regeneration.

  • Selling Exhibition | Gallery
    Philip Hughes: Thirty Years of Landscape
    30 March - 20 May 2023
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  • Kate Harvey

    Sculpture | Outdoors
    Kate Harvey
    Inside Out
    30 March - 30 September 2023

    Inside Out embraces both exterior and interior landscapes and seeks to honour the natural, feminine and domestic. Responding to the environment at The Rodd, Harvey’s sculptures focus on the emptiness of the Granary, reflecting on manual labour, the dependence on the land and the harvest and storage of fodder.

  • Rick Greswell

    Sculpture | Outdoors
    Rick Greswell
    The Buzzer
    30 March - 30 September 2023

    The Buzzer references the nickname of a Russian military radio station, call-sign UVB-76 that has continuously broadcast the same tone and enigmatic coded messages for many years. It speaks from, and reminds us of the era of the Cold War when the threat of nuclear Armageddon and the projection of military power beyond borders was regarded as an ever-present danger. Two months after this work was completed, Russian forces invaded Ukraine.


Select projects from our 2022 programme

  • Selling Exhibition |
    Mappa Marches
    6 October - 29 October 2022
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  • Painting, Kate Constantine

    Selling Exhibition |
    Ngawiya.Ngubadi (To Give With Love)
    21 July – 1 October 2022
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  • Painting - Fiona McIntyre

    Selling Exhibition |
    Fiona McIntyre: Dreaming The Land
    26 May - 1 October 2022
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  • Residency |
    Konstantina (Kate Constantine)
    18 July - 14 August 2022
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  • Exhibition |
    Sidney Nolan: The Celtic Image
    26 May - 16 July 2022
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  • Sculpture |
    Jim Carter: Of Black Shires
    31 March - 29 October 2022
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  • Selling Exhibition |
    Daniel MacCarthy: The Peace Of Wild Things
    31 March - 21 May 2022
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  • Exhibition |
    Sidney Nolan: Polaroids
    31 March - 14 May 2022
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  • Exhibition |
    Cultivate Exhibition
    Saturday 11 March


Select projects from our 2021 programme

  • Exhibition |
    Sidney Nolan: The Colour of the Sky - Auschwitz Paintings
    12 August - 26 September 2021
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  • Exhibition |
    Sidney Nolan: Polaroids
    17 June - 31 July 2021, Informality Gallery, Henley on Thames
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  • Exhibition |
    Nolan à l’Atelier 17
    21 May - 8 August 2021
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  • Exhibition |
    Simon Dorrell: Jackdaws for Company
    21 May - 26 September 2021