Masakatsu Kondo: Before Arrival


Masakatsu Kondo: Before Arrival

Brief introduction to my practice.

My practice involves painting landscapes. The subject of these landscapes can be find in the hinterland between reality and my own memory.

As a child I grew up in a farmer’s family. I used to run around the fields and scenic mountains of the surrounding area. I often found myself lost in the fascination of nature, looking at animals, trees and catching insects and I would run home when it got dark. There are lots of animistic stories based on Shintoism and Buddhism, and these have urged me to gain a deeper relationship with nature.

During my time at the Sidney Nolan Trust, I want to spend time in the nature, to have a subtle but fresh experience and give a new light in the memories inside of me. I am planning on taking photos and making some simple drawings during my time at the Trust.