Artist Drawing Nude, 1984

Sidney Nolan, Artist Drawing Nude, 1984, © Sidney Nolan Trust

Victoria Lynn is Director of TarraWarra Museum of Art, Australia.

“I have chosen a work that I own through inheritance from my late father Elwyn (Jack) Lynn who wrote two books and several articles on Sid. Jack and Sid were great friends, despite living very far apart: Jack in Sydney, Australia, and Sid in London and Wales.

This image, which we have given the title 'Artist Drawing Nude', is related to the Eliza Fraser series. Mrs Fraser and her husband Captain Fraser were marooned on Fraser Island Queensland in 1947. He died, and she was captured by the local Indigenous Badjala people, eventually freed by an escaped convict, John Graham. He has often been depicted in striped clothing in Nolan's pictures, and Mrs Fraser has been depicted nude. Sid created this drawing in my father's home in 1984. It brings back wonderful memories of the lasting friendship between Sidney Nolan and Elwyn Lynn.”

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