Selling books, cards and other items supports our efforts to further Sidney’s legacy of establishing an arts venue for everyone to enjoy.

Books & Catalogues

  • Children's Crusade

  • Sidney Nolan: An Introduction To His Life And Legacy by Simon Mundy

  • Sidney Nolan: Ikon Exhibition Catalogue 2017

  • Sidney Nolan Paradise Garden

  • Sidney Nolan: The Artist’s Materials

  • Sidney Nolan: The Royal Dublin Society 1973 Exhibition Catalogue

  • Transferences: Sidney Nolan in Britain by Dr. Rebecca Daniels

Gifts & Cards

  • Pack of 5 Nolan Greeting Cards, 'Angel and Tree', 1941

  • Pack of 5 Nolan Greeting Cards, 'Scientist' 1964.

  • Pack of 5 Nolan Greeting Cards, 'Untitled' 1986.

  • Pack of 5 Nolan Greetings Cards, 'Icebergs' 1964

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