The Sidney Nolan Trust cares for the world's biggest collection of Nolan's artwork. The collection includes early works from the late 1930s and spans the artists lifetime. Naturally, the collection is rich with works from Nolan's time in the U.K. and from his final decade here at The Rodd.

With the acquisition of Nolan’s former home Rodd Court in 2018, the Trust acquired a significant amount of material relating to Nolan’s life and his art practice, including antiquities, papers and correspondence, exhibition catalogues and posters.

Notable are Nolan's books and the photographic collection. There are more than 5000 books, many of which are annotated, and give a special insight into the artists research and thinking. The photographic collection includes over 20,000 prints, negatives, and transparencies that record Nolan's extensive travels, artworks in progress, his family, friends, and collaborators.

Both the Collection and Archive are ongoing projects. During the last two years, we have begun work to identify more fully the contents of the archive so that we can begin to list and understand the specific conservation needs of different items and materials. Trust staff are working closely with a team of volunteers to safeguard this rich repository and in the long term, to begin to make the materials available to the public and for future research.

Collection Highlights