Woman in Lagoon, 1957

Sidney Nolan, Woman in Lagoon, 1957, polyvinyl acetate on masonite, 122 x 152 cm. Private collection.

Jinx Nolan, daughter of Cynthia and Sidney Nolan

"I would have to choose one of my favourites since I don't have a single favourite of my father's paintings. It is ‘Woman in Lagoon’, 1957. I say “one” of my favourites because I have a lot - paintings I have seen being painted over the years, and others in exhibitions that occurred during my childhood and later. The woman in the painting is Mrs Frazer, dressed only in ribbons around her waist. Her hair falls down her back. She is standing in a lagoon with water up to her hips and her back to the viewer. I am the model for the painting. I loved to swim so Sid often saw me in water, swimming or still. I own ‘Woman in Lagoon’ and see it every day in the hallway, lit from above."

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